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Low-Cost LED Amber Flashing Beacon Special Offer

September 5, 2014

6e7431a64c8d0b51f8a74ee70a7177fa_f37.jpgLED developments have made great progress in recent years and as a result, prices have gone down. Efficiency of light output, low energy consumption, excellent reliability and great resistance to shock and vibration means they are longer lasting and require less maintenance than other models.

Curtis continually strives to improve their product offering.  Component advancements mean this great new LED Flashing Amber Beacon has an improved specification that, whilst complimenting the current range, is offered at very competitive rates.

This great value multi-voltage (72VDC min to 110 VDC max) emergency light is an inexpensive and powerful warning light that, unlike conventional Beacons, requires little or no upkeep during its long lifetime. Key points for reference are:

  • LEDs last longer and use less energy so
  • Comparatively, other types of beacon are more expensive to operate
  • LEDs have a solid state construction which strongly resists shock & vibration (great for industrial or construction trucks)
  • By comparison, LEDs are incredibly bright which means they can be confidently used both indoors and outdoors
  • Top quality, backed by a 2 year warranty

imagesCA3DAMMF.jpgSpecial Promotion!

Call 46 (0)302 225 00 and quote part number 18133750-0001 to receive beacons for a great value plus FREE standard delivery on your first order.

Markets and Applications

  • Medium and heavy duty applications
  • Agricultural and industrial markets
  • IC engine and electric vehicles
  • Forklift trucks
  • All materials handling and electric vehicles
  • Pallet trucks
  • Construction and airport equipment
  • Refuse collection
  • Road maintenance vehicles and equipment
  • Cherry pickers, man-up machines, aerial lift equipment
  • For full specifications read the datasheet

Reasons to use LEDs

Our latest LED beacon is a 6-burst, 65 flash per minute light, with IP65 rating.  It also features a constant "on" option, which enables OEMs to build in control system links for things like fault alert flashes if required.  This is a great value item benefitting from ultra-low power consumption, long life performance and great value, lower cost than similar LED and Xenon flashing warning lights.  

Curtis AB has a huge selection of vehicle safety equipment available which includes a wide range of LED and Xenon beacons plus worklamps and alarms.  If you want to learn more or request a sample please call our sales office at 46 (0)302 225 00.